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One(1) Twist/Dread Sponge
One(1) sponge
Price: $7.99
Two(2) Twist/Dread Sponges
Two(2) sponges
Price: $13.00
Three(3) Twist/Dread Sponges
Three(3) sponges
Price: $18.00
Four(4) Twist/Dread Sponges
Four(4) sponges
Price: $22.00
20 Twist/Dread Sponges
20 Sponges
Price: $100.00
Let me introduce you to our new Twist/Dread Sponge. This is a two sided so you can do a style you want. It is the easiest way to twist and you will be done in a matter of minutes. You use your favorite twisting products and you can twist anywhere and anytime you want. You can buy your new Twist/Dread Sponge in our store or order it online.

How to Use

1. Apply your favorite gel, wax or pomade to your hair until it is slightly damp.

2. Use the sponge in a circular pattern across your head using light to medium pressure.

3. With-in minutes you will have a head full of twists.

This great for anyone just starting or just keeping it short and simple, and for the little ones.
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